IEB accommodation assessments

In order to apply for an IEB exam concession (see previous post here), an IEB assessment has to be done. This is both time consuming and expensive for parents, but is a necessary step in the current application process.

My IEB assessment package spans two mornings. The process includes an intake with the child's parents, the assessment and then a second morning of assessing the next day. The reason it takes so long is because there is a long list of assessments to get through for the IEB application.

Below are some FAQ that might help you in deciding where and when to do an IEB assessment.

How do I know if my child needs a concession?
Your child's teacher will most likely identify the need for a concession, based on his/her exam results and classroom performance. Teacher's usually identify students who would benefit from a concession and then approach parents to consider an IEB accommodation application.

Who qualifies for a concession?
Students with learning barriers are best suited for concessions. A concession is not aimed to push students ahead of others, but rather to make the playing fields level.

When should I send my son for an IEB assessment?
Students can apply for concessions at any time in high school, before October of their grade 11 year. Late applications cost more as there is a penalty fee applied by the IEB. A paper trail is important in this process, so any educational assessments done in primary school add to the application.

Will my daughter get a concession if I do the assessment?
Not necessarily. The IEB conduct an independent review of each application in order to either grant or deny concessions.

How much does it cost?
Every psychologist charges their own rates. My current rate is R5000.

What does the assessment include?
My package includes an intake, 2 mornings of assessment, any collateral collection, school observation (if required), any additional testing required, feedback and hand-over of information to the school.

How long does it take to find out if my son got the concession?
The time frame is variable but can take a long time. This is why earlier applications are advised (before grade 11 is advised).

What do I need to do as a parent?
If you think your child might be a candidate for a concession, I would advise you make an appointment to meet with his/her teacher to discuss this. If the school is in agreement, book an appointment with an educational psychologist who does IEB accommodation testing in your area.

What happens after the assessment?
Once the assessment is complete, the psychologist will submit the report to the school, who then submit the IEB application in full. The school then gets feedback as to whether or not your child receieved the accommodation. Thereafter, it is implemented at school in preparation for matric. 


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