Welcome Aylamae!

After a whirlwind 4 weeks, I am delighted to announce the safe arrival of our little girl: Aylamae Sofia Hutton. She was born on February 26th, 3 weeks prior to her due date. She is a tiny treasure, but doing well and she has already added much joy to our little family.

Aylamae (pronounced Aye-la-may), in her 3 short weeks of life, has caused me to think about what it means to be a parent. Not only that, but it has challenged me to become in tune with Natalie-the-mom, not only Natalie-the-psychologist. However, I have stumbled across an article on parenting and mental health issues off the raisedgood blog. It is an interesting read, particularly for parents interested in mental health issues.

I am challenged, as a parent, to consider how I stimulate Aylamae in her early years. As a psychologist, I am also enlightened and interested in the impact of stimulation on children that I work with. Would it help a child with ADHD to simply their lives, for example? I have one client who is above average intelligence but displaying inattention daily. It is unclear as to whether or not this is due to over stimulation, under stimulation or an attention deficit. However, it is negatively impacting the child's social and academic performance. The child's mother has removed a lot of items that result in over-stimulation: the iPad, the Xbox and so on. The child is being stimulated in the academic context. However, it is not helping.  Would an overhaul in lifestyle help a child like this? It might be worth considering.

Here is the article. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


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