Learning Barriers

The area I am most interested in in psychology is directly related to education. This is no wonder with my background as a teacher. Combined with my passion to see children and teenagers alike, succeeding within their skill set, I am drawn to assessments in order to help them achieve this. Assessments reveal core areas and domains where children are struggling and succeeding. They help us to understand them more thoroughly and to help them develop their specific skill set with more ease. 

You might have heard of many of these terms or phrases:
  • Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia
  • SPD, SID, Sensory processing difficulties, Sensory integration problems
  • Emotional difficulties

But what do they really all mean?

Over the course of the year, amidst learning to be a mom, I hope to find some time to jot down my thoughts here for parents, teachers and professionals who deal with children. Many of the terms above have changed and are no longer called what we all refer to them as - ADD being a typical example. This is only one of many reasons that I look forward to using this space for us all. 

I look forward to my next post! 


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